Yellow Fever Vaccine Update

I wanted to share some new information I have been made aware of concerning the Yellow Fever vaccine and booster. I am due to travel to Zanzibar next year I have been enquiring about a booster for myself, my ten year vaccine is up at the end of this year. Or so I thought.

yellow fever

If you have had the Yellow Fever injection previously, the information coming from the World Health Organisation (WHO) say that booster doses may not be necessary. Vaccination certificates given from July 2016 come with a LIFE validation, which previously expired after 10 years.

Booster doses are only recommended if:

*You are travelling to an AT RISK AREA

*You were vaccinated MORE than 10 years ago

*You need a valid certificate of vaccination

*You were originally vaccinated when you were pregnant, were less than 2 years old, or had a weakened immune system (i.e. Due to an HIV infection or preparation for a bone marrow transplant).

Places to be vaccinated-

Yellow Fever vaccinations have to be given at designated centres only. To be deemed a yellow fever vaccination centre, it must be registered with the appropriate authority. In the UK this is either:

*The National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC)

*MASTA Clinics nationwide

*Health Protection Scotland (HPS)

The vaccination is around £60 in price.


Certification of yellow fever vaccination-

Under regulations set out by WHO, anyone travelling to a country or area of risk MUST have an international Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP).


If you need any more information, go to NATHNAC or FitforTravel


I hope this information helps some people either needing the yellow fever vaccine for the very first time or unsure whether they need a booster or not.

Happy travels, stay safe.

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