‘World Gin Day 2017’ with Fentimans



A clear alcoholic spirit distilled from grain or malt and flavoured with juniper berries.

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The origins of gin date back to the Middle Ages, from use in herbal medicine. Gin was developed on the basis of Jenever, or Genever as it is also known is a older Dutch gin. It became popular in Great Britain, especially London, when William of Orange (leader of the Dutch republic) along with his wife Mary occupied English, Scottish & Irish thrones. The term ‘Dutch Courage’ was believed to have been derived from the Eighty Years War back in 1585, as genever was thought to have calming effects before battle.


World Gin Day is a day for gin lovers to relish. It is now entering it’s 9 th year this year. A global celebration of everything gin! Held on the second Saturday in June each year, this year is the

10 th of June 2017


Gin day was the idea of the Gin Monkey, where people can get together and drink some gin, however they like to drink it, neat, as a G n T or in a cocktail. Emma the Gin Monkey established this day after she moved to London to live, she couldn’t find anything worth drinking. So she solved the problem for everyone else and chose gin! Now she offers advice to all on the best places to drink gin in her area. As she quotes “All for gin, gin for all!”


As a fellow gin lover and blogger I had the immense pleasure of receiving a fabulous hamper from who are known for their quality and botanically brewed products. It included some ready mixed Bloom gin and tonics, I love a good G n T! Along with my all time favourite Fentimans Rose Lemonade with Bloom gin ready mixed drinks. Yum yum!! They also included a pink grapefruit tonic, rose lemonade and tonic water to serve with a gin of my choice. All I can say is World Gin Day is going to be a pure delight for me, with plenty to share with friends. Chilled, served in a large balloon glass with plenty of ice and slices!

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Here are some drink ideas I came up with using my Fentimans hamper to pair with your favourite gin-

'World Gin Day 2017' with Fentimans 38

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Grapefruit Fizz
Take a good measure of gin, in my case my favourite Tanqueray. Add to a large balloon glass, squeeze some fresh grapefruit into the gin and mix together with a Fentimans pink grapefruit tonic that has been pre chilled and plenty of ice cubes. Top off with a sprig of fresh rosemary and a pink grapefruit wedge.

'World Gin Day 2017' with Fentimans 40

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Rosey Lemon Gin cocktail
Good measure of Tanqueray gin, in a balloon glass add half a bottle of Fentimans Rose Lemonade that has been pre chilled along with a splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix together with ice cubes and serve with a fresh lemon wheel.

'World Gin Day 2017' with Fentimans 42

'World Gin Day 2017' with Fentimans 43

Perfect G n T
Take a chilled balloon glass add lots of ice cubes along with a measure of your favourite gin, Tanqueray for me. Squeeze some fresh lime into the glass then add a bottle of pre chilled Fentimans tonic water serve with a lime wedge. My idea of a perfect serve G n T.

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'World Gin Day 2017' with Fentimans 45

All that’s left to say is enjoy ‘World Gin Day‘, I know I will especially since it’s my birthday that day too! Cheers all and thankyou again Fentimans.

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For more information on Fentimans and it’s products visit website or to buy the products described and used in my blog post.

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Enjoy! And please drink responsibly.