Taking you back to Taghazout…

January seems such a distant memory, our trip to Taghazout was just the tonic we needed to start the new year. We enjoyed it so very much as it reenergised, enthused and excited us both. Exploring another part of magical Morocco in the wonderful warm winter sunshine, reiterating that this country is in fact our spiritual home!

I certainly didn’t think I would be writing this in mid March in the situation we now find ourselves in. Hence why I think it’s important I write this blog post, to champion places that deserve people’s attention. We can’t forget and must look to the future, inspiring other trips in happier times ahead. We must stand strong together and not be scared to think ahead. Travel will return to our lives, worlds and in the meantime let me take you back to Taghazout…

Taghazout is situated on the Moroccan coast, around a 40 minute drive from Agadir airport. We were staying at a newly opened resort on the beach front, part of the Riu hotel chain, the Riu Palace Taghazout. On arrival we were shocked by the size of the resort, it was massive and impressively modern. Our room was stunning and comfy yet dare I say it not us at all. Being used to small riads, boutique hotels and pre booked apartments on previous trips, I didn’t feel able to relax. Nothing that a good nights sleep wouldn’t sort. Our first day we were up early and took a leisurely wander along the beach to the village of Taghazout. It takes about 20 minutes to walk and is absolutely charming. Now this is authentic Morocco, we felt right at home. With a beachfront brimming with beautiful cafes, restaurants and shops selling local produce and Moroccan crafts. I never wanted to leave the village, so much so we spent each day walking back and forth to enjoy relaxing rooftop yoga sessions, fantastic food and sunset drinks. We were already planning return trips in our mind whilst here.

If you are after a pure chill out, good food and a great vibe then look no further than Taghazout. Your body and mind will forever thankyou! For the andrelin junkies you will be kept occupied surfing some of the best waves around, with a host of surfing retreats and hostels you will be spoilt for choice… Let me share our top tips for what we enjoyed and experienced whilst here for the week.


Restorative Yoga takes place daily @ Dfrost’ rooftop, 5.30-6.30 pm for 110 DHS per person. This session is super relaxing with a gorgeous view onto the beach, winding down the day and stretching out those limbs. Highly recommend to all as it’s a lovely way to end your day. They also offer a morning session @ 7.30-8.30 am for the early risers or as a perfect pre surfing energiser.

Beach walks are always a good idea. Whether it be to Taghazout village or to Imourane. We walked a good hour at leisure to the furthest point left of our resort, mainly empty land or early developments of other resorts or villas as we passed then you reach . Surfers surround you, riding the waves and enjoying the excitement of it all. We stopped at one of the cafes and restaurants on offer, Lenavire, sitting beach side as we ate a Moroccan breakfast and crepes. We had certainly worked up an appetite!

Street Art, you can see some fun pieces around Taghazout Village. A few were actually being painted whilst we were there, nothing better than watching the creative process in person. This just adds to the good vibes of the place and we look forward to seeing more when we return.


Afta’s House, a real favourite of ours for healthy salads, juices, mint tea and a cheeky late afternoon crepe! This small cafe is perfectly positioned to take in all the vitamin sea you need, I can close my eyes right now and be taken straight back to the very spot. It became our daily stop off whilst wandering along the village. Must go

Munga Guest House is a cool spot for cocktails and dinner, we ate here one evening and the portions are very generous. We ordered pizzas, salad and drinks, topped off with tiramisu! Well fed and well impressed, we highly recommend.

World of Waves is a wonderful place for lunch or dinner, we ate here on our last evening. Set on the beach front in a prime spot, this restaurant lets you relax whilst enjoying your food. We ate chicken Caesar salad, prawn curries and washed it all down with mint tea of course. Great value and customer service.

Fish Fry, for a really tasty fish feast head into the village @ one of the many of the small kiosks. We ate like kings with a large plate of assorted fried fish each, a basket of homemade bread and salad to share for under £5 . A delicious and filling lunch.


Tea on the beach, when you walk the beach you will come across lovely people selling mint tea. Make sure to strike up a conversation and savour a cup, costing 10 DHS each. I love this idea and it helps the local people too!

Smoothie lover? Look no further than Cafe Mouja, try the ‘Moroccan Classic’. A delicious blend of banana, avocado, dates and milk, definitely one of the nicest smoothies I have drank. This cafe is set above the beach with great views and a really chilled vibe. A good place for remote workers too, I noticed quite a few working from their laptops whilst here. They also serve a full menu, featuring lots of yummy dishes to devour.

Surf Berbere is a cute spot on the edge of the beach front, with comfy cushions to lounge on and gaze out to ocean. We took tea here and drinks on our first afternoon, feeling fully relaxed in the warm winter sun. A beautiful spot, with incredibly insta worthy shots.

Sunset drinks @ one of the most stunning settings. Dfrost Bohemian Berber bar offers you a chance to enjoy the daily sunset with your cocktail of choice, sitting beach front with sound of the waves lapping the beach. Open 4 pm till 10 pm with such friendly attentive service. We made sure to visit many times whilst in Taghazout, it was a real treat!

At present this part of Morocco is still relatively untouched, with only the beginnings of development starting on the beach. I hope this is kept to a minimum for the sake of the village and the overall experience whilst in Taghazout. I cross my fingers it doesn’t turn into Agadir nearby, where we visited a few years back with family. Tourism is great to an extent but not when it takes the feel and authenticity away from a place. I have seen it happen in many parts of the world and it saddens me. Taghazout provides quite enough already and we are already looking at a return trip later this year, here’s hoping. As you can combine a visit with Marrakech easily, by taking a bus or private car taxi here, it takes 3 hours by car as you are mostly driving on the toll road which is a straight passage to the Red City. We took a day trip to visit friends whilst here and it wasn’t a bad journey at all. We even went with new found friends from our resort, who were visiting Morocco for the first time. They throughly enjoyed their experience and look to return again too. Take note add Taghazout to your future travels!