Sunset Cruise, Zanzibar style!

On arrival at my resort in Zanzibar the very first thing I wanted to do was head straight to the beach for a dip in the Indian Ocean and a stroll along the white sands. When I got to the beach, which was in Nungwi on the North Coast of Zanzibar, I was greeted by some of the beach boys, they sell trips and handmade souvenirs for people to buy. Some holiday companies warn you about going on their trips and booking through reputable agents or your rep if you have one. All I would say is as past experience on other travels, like anywhere have your wits about you and don’t do anything you wouldn’t do back home. After a chat with several of the beach boys, remember they are only trying to earn a living, I said I would think about booking a trip during my stay in Nungwi. A few days later I went to book a sunset cruise with them it cost $15 with pickup by boat on the beach at 4.30 pm the following day, returning around 6.30 pm after the sun had gone down.

Sunset Cruise, Zanzibar style! 35  Sunset Cruise, Zanzibar style! 36

The next day perfectly timed I was picked up by the boat, along with a few other guests and we set sail to see the sunset. We sailed along the coastline for around 30 mins then took our place to watch the sun setting for the day, fresh fruit was given to each person on the boat as part of the fee paid and information was given on Zanzibar, fishing and finding out more about local life here. As well as chatting and getting to know my fellow guests, they were from Turkey and it was nice to find out about each others travels and experiences. This is why I like to travel and explore as you meet other people along the way and learn more about others, picking up some great travel tips each trip!

Sunset Cruise, Zanzibar style! 37 Sunset Cruise, Zanzibar style! 38


Sunset Cruise, Zanzibar style! 39   Sunset Cruise, Zanzibar style! 40

As we sat and watched the sun setting, although a little cloudy still impressive, I realised again just how grateful I am for my own life and the freedom to travel. To see such amazing places, sights, to learn about other cultures and ways of life. Be sure to do a sunset cruise in Zanzibar, as it is very relaxing and lovely to see.

Sunset Cruise, Zanzibar style! 41  Sunset Cruise, Zanzibar style! 42

Sunset Cruise, Zanzibar style! 43 Sunset Cruise, Zanzibar style! 44

Sunset Cruise, Zanzibar style! 45  Sunset Cruise, Zanzibar style! 46

Sunset Cruise, Zanzibar style! 47



Sunset Cruise, Zanzibar style! 48  Sunset Cruise, Zanzibar style! 49

Sunset Cruise, Zanzibar style! 50  Sunset Cruise, Zanzibar style! 51

Safely back to shore, to enjoy a sundowner or two and take in this beautiful scenery. Zanzibar you are stunningly beautiful my friend!

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