‘Summertime fun with Fentimans!’

This week I received a fabulous hamper full of Fentimans Ltd Summer Drinks. I love Fentimans as a brand for two main reasons-

'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 43

They are a local brand from the North East of England, born and bred, like myself so I feel an greater connection to them. The botanical brewery is based in Hexham in Northumberland. Ran as an Independent, family owned organisation, they have a very strong heritage to the region. Eldon Robson is Thomas Fentimans great grandson and the German Shepard Icon on the bottle is “Fearless” who was Thomas’s dog, he won Cruft’s in 1934 and was forever more placed on the Fentimans Botanically Brewed soft drinks bottles as Thomas’s pride and joy. Being family run there are lots of characters and plenty of weird and wonderful stories in the company, adding to the very charm of the brand.

'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 44

Secondly ever since they were established in 1905, well over 100 years ago, Fentimans have been committed to the time honoured process of ‘botanical brewing’ all in the pursuit of an incredible flavour. An example is with their ginger beer, the ginger root comes from China. Each of their drinks are brewed for 7 days using a combination of ‘blending & fermentation’ of its natural ingredients, all flavours are created in-house by their own ‘flavorist’ Geraldine Coombes. This means there are no artificial, flavours, sweeteners, colours or preservatives within the brewing process, giving an outcome of a three dimensional depth of flavour and an amazing taste.

For those of you who have never heard of or about this special brand Fentimans let me give you a brief history of how it came to be. The story begins in 1905 with a Thomas Fentiman, an Iron puddler from a place called Cleckheaton. He was approached by a fellow tradesman for a loan, a deal was done and as was typical of those times, an Englishman’s word was his bond. All you needed to do was shake on a deal and offer some security, in this case a recipe of ‘botanically brewed’ ginger beer. The loan was never repaid and Thomas Fentiman became the owner of a unique and original recipe for success. And so the origins of Fentimans began, he began producing the botanically brewed ginger beer and sold it door to door from handmade stone jars, which were called “Greyhens”. Fast forward 100 years and Fentimans Ltd is today a thriving and popular brand, still family owned with updated processes and their drinks are now carbonated before being filled and pasteurised, in order to prolong their shelf life. However one thing will never change, Fentimans quality and taste in their products remain as exceptional as they always have!


As I unwrapped the Fentimans Summer Drinks hamper I got to thinking how I was going to enjoy these drinks…


'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 45  'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 46

'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 47  'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 48



I have decided to share with you all how I enjoyed my Fentimans drinks. As you all know I am a blogger, mainly about my travels abroad, however I relish writing about home whether it’s a place I have visited, eaten at or in this case a local brand. Whilst catching up on my writing and editing of new blog posts from previous travels I opened a Fentimans Ginger Beer, a personal favourite of mine due to the fiery taste and great flavour, into a glass with plenty ice to enjoy chilled whilst I blogged away… perfect.


'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 49  'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 50


I love to keep fit and regularly go out power walking with my partner in the countryside, currently we walk from Newburn to Wylam and back which is around five and a half miles, two or three times a week if we can work depending! They say a healthy body gives you a healthy mind. At the end of the walk we always stop in a particular place overlooking the River Tyne and if the weather is nice we sit and savour the view with some refreshment. On this occasion I had brought two of Fentimans summer soft drinks for us in a mini backpack, yes I like to be organised… Let me just say the Rose Lemonade, my all time favourite Fentimans drink due to it’s amazing flavour thanks to the rose oil and lemon juice, certainly hit the spot on a humid summer evening. My hubby loves the Dandelion & Burdoch, as it reminds him of his childhood.


'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 51  'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 52

'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 53'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 54  'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 55


It wouldn’t be summer without a trip to the beach would it? With a day off, I decided a drive up to the coast for a nice beach wander, armed with a blanket and some Fentimans was exactly what we needed. The British summer was partly cooperating no rain, but due to some dubious looking clouds above it meant it was a shorter stay than expected, however still nice to enjoy some outdoor time on the beach with a choice of delicious tasting Fentimans drinks to tantalise the tastebuds! The North East of England sports some lovely beaches, it is just a shame we don’t get the weather along with it.

'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 56  'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 57

'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 58  'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 59

'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 60  'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 61


After a long working week, full of amazing meetings and networking, with a visit to a local gin Festival in Jesmond added in for good measure, I thought a G’n’T was the answer this evening as they say it’s always ‘Gin O Clock’. With a Fentimans Wild English Elderflower which has such a delicate flavour and a good measure of one of my favoured gins Tanqueray, all I had to add was a large balloon glass and lots of ice. Hey presto, Happy Friday! Cheers.

'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 62  'Summertime fun with Fentimans!' 63


Fentimans can be enjoyed on all occasions, whether it be work, rest or play as their drinks provide excellent quality and a full on flavour. Perfect anytime, anywhere!


How was your week?! Fancy winning a Fentimans Summer Drinks Hamper for yourself. Well head over to sostraveluk on Twitter or Instagram and enter our competition. Ends next Monday (August 7th) night, good luck!!

For more information about these exquisitely crafted and beautifully refreshing soft drinks and some more drink ideas head over to Fentimans Ltd.

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