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Riad Tizwa, is my go to riad when flying into the Red City. Whether it be for a few days or an extended stay, this 6 bedroom riad is a perfect for all! Located near to Dar El Bacha and a short walk from Jemaa el Fna square and all the souks. Owned by the Bee Brothers, Tizwa is taken from the berber word meaning ‘bee’ and is at the very heart of this buzzing city. The riad itself is authentic and relaxing, for me it’s like home and it is difficult to leave having not made a friend or two.

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In this post I am going to tell you what is on Riad Tizwa’s doorstep and other attractions just a short walk away.

To See-

Museum of Confluences

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This museum is just a 2 minute walk away, a good tip you are near is the soldiers guarding the palace in front of you. Situated on the site of the former palace in Dar El Bacha is the Museum of Confluences, it is relatively new opening at the end of 2017 and housing exhibitions dedicated to the art of Islam. The museum also exhibits work which shows the similarities of all religions and demonstrates Morocco’s tolerance. The fee to enter was 60 DHS per person and the opening hours are 10 am till 6 pm daily, bar a Tuesday when it is closed. Children and students are free to enter.

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This is a must see, the building alone is worth the visit! It also houses an example of the first map of the world, which is extremely fascinating to see. Main tip don’t forget your camera. Often people talk about the beauty of the Bahia Palace and Ben Youssef Madrasa but for me this museum and it’s architecture is equally as impressive.


Soufiane Zarib

As you leave the Riad turn right onto Avenue El Glaoui and walk for 100 metres, on your right hand side you will come across a wooden frontage with the number 16 above the door (which you can’t miss). All you need to do is ring on the doorbell and someone will let you in, once inside you will discover a world of carpets, beautiful furnishings and clothing. I would recommend asking to see the roof terrace, which is fantastic with views of the city. It is a very cosmopolitan showroom, yet it manages to retain it’s authentic roots! There are no pictures allowed in the showroom itself, so take a visit for yourself and browse through these fabulous creations. Open 9 am till 7.30 pm everyday.

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To Eat- 

Lunch ideas next to the Riad are Dar Mama and L’ateliers des Saveurs. They are both great options, catering for all with moroccan dishes, salads and sandwiches. Good value for money too! I ate at both and can highly recommend them.

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Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 220


If you were wanting an idea for a special meal close to Riad Tizwa I would recommend, Dar Moha. Chef Moha is very well known and the moroccan equivalent to Jamie Oliver. My husband and I ate here on our first night of arriving and I can’t sing it’s praises enough. You are served a set menu of five courses with live entertainment for 530 DHS per person, it is worth it. I will be writing a follow up blog post in more detail.

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To Drink-

Palais Donab is a good place to have a pre dinner aperitif, as you can relax on the poolside terrace. A great tip to remember is that in the warmer months if you need a pool to cool off, you can come here and pay 150 DHS for a sunbed and towel for the day, which I did last September when the temperatures were in the 30’s!

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Just a short walk…

You will find many attractions and restaurants are within a 20 minute walk.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum and Le Jardin Majorelle is just over a 20 minute walk away from the riad, my recommendation is to go for around 10 am to avoid long afternoon queues and my top tip is to queue at the gardens first and buy a combined ticket for the gardens, the berber museum and the new YSL museum. This costs 180 DHS per person and once finished exploring the gardens and berber museum, you can go skip the queue for tickets outside the YSL museum next door (follow signs) as you already have yours!

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Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 237

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Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 240  Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 241

Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 242

Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 243  Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 244

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As I had previously visited the gardens, it was a total pleasure to return. Majorelle Blue is still my favourite colour and my bedroom at home is painted in the majorelle style! The berber museum was very interesting and I especially loved the traditional jewellery on show. I had been waiting to see the YSL museum and I was thrilled to eventually see it, however no pictures can be taken in the YSL section, you will have to come see it for yourselves.

On route to the gardens we bumped into a couple from Denmark, Emil & Azra, it’s amazing how you strike up an instant conversation with people and we spent the rest of the day together getting lunch in the medina afterwards. Travel certainly brings you into contact with others you would never have normally met!

Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 247

If you are a book lover, in the gift shop you can buy the book ‘Letters to Yves’ by Pierre Berge. As you can’t buy online any longer and I am currently reading it!

Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 248

Opening Hours for the gardens are 8 am till 5.30 pm daily and the YSL museum 10 am till 6 pm everyday except Wednesday when it’s closed.


Cafe Des Epices

It is a 15 minute walk to the Cafe Des Epices from Riad Tizwa. Having previously visited Nomad which is directly opposite and it’s sister restaurant, we decided to try here and ate on the upstairs terrace. A good choice for lunch in the medina. It has a much more casual vibe about it, but serves up quality food at reasonable prices. The terrace offers panoramic views of the Atlas Mountains, what a lovely backdrop whilst enjoying lunch!

Open 9 am till 11 pm daily.

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Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 253


Heritage Museum

The Heritage Museum or ‘Musée du Patrimoine’ as it is also known is situated in the medina. This is a family run project that has took five years to transform, the exhibit is a family collection of Moroccan antiques and artefacts. Funded by the family themselves, with their main aim being to bring “Moroccan heritage in all its complexity and wealth to the public”. The museum inside consists of six rooms and four halls, across two floors displaying all the collections for everyone to see with a lovely roof terrace that gives you great views of the Medina. Unfortunately the morning I visited there was a heavy rain shower so I couldn’t enjoy the terrace, however I had a mint tea inside the museum.

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Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 256 Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 257

Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 258 Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 259

Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 260  Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 261

The opening hours are open daily 9.30 am – 6 pm apart from a Monday when it’s closed and it costs 30 DHS per person to enter. It is definitely worth a visit!


El Badi Palace

The El Badi Palace meaning “palace of the incomparable” is an amazing piece of architecture built at the end of the sixteenth century. It was a former palace, built by the Saadian sultan Ahmed al-Mansur Dhahbi in 1578.

Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 262 Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 263

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Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 270

The sheer size of this complex on which the palace is situated wows you and it is great to explore! There is a viewing terrace to capture the whole site and certainly worth walking up to for the views. The walls being the prominent feature both inside and out, certainly picture worthy and seem to provide shelter and home to the local animals. Take a visit whilst in the Red City.

Open 9 am till 5 pm daily and the fee to enter is 2 Euros (around 40 DHS) per person


Le Trou au Mur was a new find whilst in Marrakech, I had heard good things about this restaurant but wanted to see for myself! It was a 16 minute walk from Riad Tizwa to the restaurant and the whole experience from entering to leaving was ‘first class’. Certainly recommend for dinner, with a relaxed atmosphere. A review will follow in the next blog post.

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Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 273

Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 274


Max and Jan is a great place to shop, it is a concept store that is situated in the medina itself on  Route Sidi Abdelaziz and a 10 minute walk from the riad. Selling clothing, design and cosmetics from many different designers. If you are after something different then go here!! They are currently extending the store and it will open in the coming weeks. Happy shopping.

Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 275 Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 276

Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 277



This is a fabulous fashion shop a mere 5 min walk from the riad on Dar El Bacha near the confluences museum, a hidden gem! For great shoes, clothing and hair accessories. I have just bought a stylish turban from here. Go have a browse.

Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 278


Sygic Travel App

I used this travel app to plan my itinerary around Marrakech and found it very easy to use. You can also use the feature of the maps offline, which is helpful when you don’t have wifi but need to know where to go!! I will certainly be using it for future trips.

Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 279  Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 280


Riad Tizwa is a great base whilst staying in Marrakech, as you can see it’s very central indeed and has plenty around it to see, eat and enjoy. If anyone has any other queries please don’t hesitate to contact me! I am off to Fez in October to Riad Tizwa’s sister riad, can’t wait to let you know all about that.

Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 281 Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 282

Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 283  Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 284

A big thank you to for providing me with this Gottex Profile New Tutti Frutti Swimsuit for my stay, I loved it!


Ps. This sunset picture was taken from the roof of Riad Tizwa!!

Riad Tizwa Marrakech & Beyond 285


All of the maps provided in this blog post, can be found on Google Maps.

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    1. SOS Travel Post author

      It only opened at the end of October last year, hence why i was so keen to visit! There is so much to see in Marrakech.

  1. Sam | North East Family Fun Travel Blog

    I love how much you’ve packed into this post! There is so much to do and I feel like I”ve only scratched the surface with my one weekend visit a few years ago! We loved the YSL gardens and museum too – it was super quiet when we visited for some reason and we practically had the place to ourselves x

    1. SOS Travel Post author

      Marrakech has so much to see, it was my 12 th visit and new places are opening all the time! The gardens are very popular now as the new YSL museum opened just next door last October. Its worth a visit too

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    Thanks Sam. I’m having a great night going through your posts on Marrakesh. The highlights on my Google Maps are growing with each one I read. Now I’m wondering if I should stay longer ?. Your blogs are a great help.

    1. SOS Travel Post author

      I am so pleased that I could be of help, please don’t hesitate to ask me anymore questions. You are going to love Marrakech as much as I do I’m sure.

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