R & R @ The Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort

I have wanted to visit Zanzibar for some time now, more out of Intrigue through seeing photos or videos of the Island. After booking the trip nearly a year ago, I spent some time looking and researching where I wanted to stay and see. After speaking to many people, some who had previously visited, I was set on staying on the North Coast. Nungwi was the area I picked, mainly due to it’s beautiful coastline and white sandy beaches, a perfect base.



It took an hour to reach the resort from Zanzibar International Airport. The Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort was the hotel I stayed at for ten days. It is perfectly located on the beach, with 20 acres of spacious grounds and a high standard of accommodation. All 96 rooms and suites are well equipped, modern and in keeping with it’s surroundings, deep soak baths that are large enough to fit a family of 6! Along with the usual amenities of a fridge, free daily bottled water, air con to name but a few. They are a very good size and are well maintained by the cleaning staff. The resort offers a laid back luxury feel, with beautifully well maintained gardens, 4 outdoor swimming pools, including a swim up pool bar and an infinity pool with breathtakingly stunning views over the Indian Ocean, which I tended to sit at! Perfect to enjoy a sundowner or to catch that ultimate sunset photo.









There are two restaurants, a buffet style and beachfront dining offering seafood, alongside four bars and lounges. A fitness centre and a spa are also on the resort, near to the beach. The spa is perfectly located above the sea, so you can hear the waves crashing whilst enjoying your massage!








 The board basis is all inclusive and to a good standard, there is plenty of choices in food and drinks. With daily cocktails and themed nights a plenty! Free wifi is all over the Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort, even in your rooms, upon check in you are connected with a passcode and I was extremely happy with it’s coverage. There also free daily beach towels available, along with a range of watersports and activities such as volleyball and yoga on offer. This resort offers something for everybody, whether it be the couple on honeymoon or the family on a relaxing vacation, each individual gets their own piece of paradise. My favourite parts of the resort were, the amazing location of the hotel and the beach setting. I loved to walk each day and swim in the sea. The beachfront dining, where I spent nearly every breakfast and lunchtime and the nightly turn down service. Last but my no means least, the wifi, especially important for a blogger like myself to share my daily photos and information!




Overall my stay at the Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort was relaxing and throughly enjoyable from start to finish, this was down to the friendly and welcoming staff and the facilities available to me. The only question I have left to ask is… When can I return??





The History of Zanzibar

Zanzibar is known as “Spice Island”. It is an archipelago of two main Islands, named Unguja and Pemba. They are themselves surrounded by 50 small Islands. Zanzibar lies on the Indian Ocean, 36 km off the east coast of Africa and is 6 degrees from the Equator. It enjoys a tropical climate, with warm temperatures nearly all year round. The population is thought to be around 1.3 million people with a yearly growth of 3 %.

In the 8 th Century Zanzibar became a base for Arab merchants, trading with mainland Africa and Asia. The 18th Century saw Zanzibar become subject to the Sultan of Oman and he became head of Oman and Zanzibar in 1787. In 1840 he transferred his seat of government to Zanzibar. The introduction of clove plantations and the growth of the notorious slave trade saw Zanzibar develop into a strategic trading centre. 1890 was the year that Zanzibar was declared a British Protectorate the Sultan was only retained for ceremonial purposes. Zanzibar was granted Independence in December 1963, though only a few weeks later the Independent government were overthrown, 12th of January 1964. After the revolution Zanzibar immediately signed a pact with Tanganyika to form ‘The United Republic of Tanzania’ on April 26th 1964. The name was created by the words Tanganyika, Zanzibar and ‘Azania’ which is the Greek name for the eastern coast of Africa.


For anyone thinking about visiting Zanzibar, don’t think just book it now! Any questions feel free to ask, email me


Happy Travels!!



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