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As you know from previous posts I have written I enjoy spending time in airport lounges, as I feel they are relaxing and a place of sanctuary even, in a busy airport that is stressful enough upon check in then security plus they are value for money considering the price of food and drinks in airports. I decided to book a different type of airport lounge before my journey to Mexico at the start of May. I did some research, as I always do, then I came across the NO1 Lounges and had a browse of their website. After considering my options I thought I would try the NO1 Lounges out, booking confirmed I looked forward to my visit! Within your booking you will get a free pass for premium security lanes until 31/08/17.

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On the day of departure, after clearing security I arrived at the lounge, which is easy to find as it’s signposted along the way, to be greeted by lovely welcoming staff at Gatwick’s North Terminal NO1 Lounges. Upon handing over our confirmation the lady explained we could go into their Clubroom today for a small extra charge, we paid and took the lift to the Clubroom. When we reached our destination I was pleasantly surprised by the rooms, decor and layout. As we took our table, we were met by a member of staff who gave us menus for hot food and drinks. There was a great variety of food to order, plus a snack area that you could visit as often as you wanted. The drinks menu was bursting with choice, a range of premium drinks along with some delicious cocktails specifically chosen i.e. a breakfast martini! Champagne and prosecco were complimentary. It is a waiter service for alcoholic drinks and self serve for soft drinks, teas and coffees. Alongside high quality magazines, newspapers and unlimited free wifi, I needed nothing else for the next three hours…

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NO1 Lounges Clubroom @ Gatwick Airport 25  NO1 Lounges Clubroom @ Gatwick Airport 26

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This lounge was newly opened, it opened in April this year, previously the Clubrooms had been British Airways’ First Class Lounge, the atmosphere was lovely, calm and relaxing everything you want before a long flight. The staff were courteous and attentive to your every need. The food and drink was delicious, my husband and I had the Eggs Benedict and a fruit salad for breakfast and it was lovely to be served our food and savour the experience!

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NO1 Lounges Clubroom @ Gatwick Airport 32  NO1 Lounges Clubroom @ Gatwick Airport 33

The bathroom facilities were to a high standard, the products used by L’Occitane were lovely and made me remember the name to purchase upon our return home. Maybe that’s a girl thing!!

I would throughly recommend the NO1 Lounges whether it be the lounge or the Clubroom. The Clubroom is the best I have visited out of all airport lounges, I won’t hesitate to return in future.


NO1 Lounges can be found in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Gatwick North & South Terminals, Heathrow Terminal 3 and the Clubrooms are specifically based at Gatwick North & South Terminals along with My Lounge in Gatwick North Terminal.

There are a selection to suit everyone’s tastes-

My Lounge is a less formal lounge, inspired by a ‘loft style living space’. With cool sofas, TV den and a game room. Open 6 am till 8 pm Daily, with a cost of £18 for adults & £12 for a child.

NO1 Lounges are an assortment of high standard airport lounges, depending on your chosen location offer Pod bedrooms and Travel Spas, showers and large lounge space, with great floor to ceiling windows over looking the runway. Open 4 am till 10 pm Daily, Adults £30 & £16 for children.

Clubrooms newly opened at Gatwick Airport, they offer the ‘Ultimate Jet Set Departure’. A warm welcome by your host and the calmness of the exclusive lounge awaits you! Premium drinks and freshly prepared food on offer along with a range of newspapers and glossy magazines. Open 5.30 am till 5 pm Daily. Prices from £40 per person.


Enjoy your travels!!


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