My Travel ‘Must Haves’

When I travel, for however long or short the trip is, I like to have certain items with me, my MUST HAVES! I thought I would share them with you. Maybe you use some of these items when you travel too. Feel free to share with me any other items you take or use when taking a trip?

Water- This a biggie for me as i like to stay hydrated when I travel, so I make sure I grab a large bottle or two in the airport or wherever I may be at the start of my journey.

Lip Balm- I like to use a lip balm to keep my lips nice and soft, as I feel they dry up especially on plane journeys. Currently I am using Elizabeth Arden’s Eight hour cream lip protectant.

Kindle- I love to read and the kindle is perfect for travel as its small and portable, it fits in my carry on perfectly. I try to keep it well stocked, normally with easy reads like chick lits or autobiographies, although I am now partial to a good thriller! Any recommendations welcome.

Mini Hand Gel- I keep a mini hand gel in my handbag when I travel as its an easy go too. When travelling around you don’t always come into contact with lots of toilets to wash your hands, thats why I find it so handy.

Camera- Taking pictures when travelling is super important to me, its a great way of keeping track of where you’ve been and looking back at them when you return, the memories. For christmas I was bought a new camera, an Olympus Pen P7, I starting to get to grips with it and can’t wait to use it on my next adventure…

My Travel 'Must Haves' 7

Passport Cover- My passport is very important to me and I love to keep it in a cover, I know you have to remove it a lot in airports but I think its easy to spot your own if there is a few people with you on your trip. The cover I have is a personalised one to my travel blog SOS Travel, a gift from my hubby by Aspinalls of London. Just love the colour!!!

My Travel 'Must Haves' 8

Scratch Map- This is a new addition to my list of must haves, a mini scratch map, that is small enough to take with you on your travels. Scratching the countries off as you go! It is a map of the world and you simply scratch the country away you have visited, with a coin or something similar. Another travel gift I was given at christmas time, funnily enough by my husband. Little did he know I had bought the same gift for him!

Silk Pillow Case- Another new item to my list, I am going to trial this when I go away in February to Marrakech. It is meant to be kinder on your hair and a prevention of wrinkles, sold for me!! I will post a blog after using it and let you all know what I think.

Mobile Phone- Like most of us, I use my iPhone to store a lot of things including travel information, itineraries and photos to name a few. I still from time to time like to use my phone’s camera to take quick shots wherever I maybe and google maps can nearly always come in handy.

My Travel 'Must Haves' 9

As always thanks for reading.

Happy Travels!


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