My hopes for the future of travel

I write this post after a long break from travel writing, mostly due to the COVID pandemic and our pause in travels. The other reason being each time I thought about a piece I would like to write and share with you all during this tough time, I stopped myself… As an avalanche of tears would consume me as my travellers heart was breaking. I feel it easier to explain now, hindsight is a great thing. Still nursing a breaking heart and a real longing to get on the next available flight outta here, I want to share my own hopes for the future of travel!

My hopes for the future of travel 1

I know in my heart of hearts that travel will recover, it has been the fall guy in these current circumstances we find ourselves in. It’s down, but don’t rule it out.

Many people won’t understand me and my obsession for travel, I think about it everyday. Whether it be planning a blog post, a future trip, watching travel programmes or offering people tips. Travel is a part of me, I feel like I have mourned an old friend during COVID and each adventure that got cancelled (and still sadly does…) I cry my eyes out, but I never give up on it and that’s what love and being passionate about travel makes you do.

My hope for it’s future is that it stays accessible to all, not out of reach to some due to rising costs and prices. That each child gets to experience their first trip abroad and feels as amazing as I did. I know I was lucky and have travelled extensively from being very young with my parents, I am continually grateful and thankful that I can follow my passion with SOSTRAVEL now. If you want to give your child or children the best education of their life, travel with them. Watch and take in each experience through their eyes. Travel teaches you so so much, from the very first adventure you meet many people, you converse, teach each other and you learn. You learn much about yourself, other cultures and most importantly you are made to think, question and broaden your mind. Everything travel has taught me I am thankful and I am still learning lots now. That’s the thing about travel, it never stops teaching you. 

Another huge hope I have as we enter the new ‘normal’ whatever this maybe in the travel world, we walk with full or much more respect for the world. Remember you are the visitor and we should mind our manners always. Accept what is in front of you and don’t try to change it or destroy. Lessons are there to be learnt and please don’t repeat past mistakes. Disrespect isn’t cool on anyone and I don’t think we need anymore cringe selfies at certain travel destinations from the mass of influencers who feel it their job to share with it us all. 

If I ask only one thing of you all, many already do so and feel the same as me. Travel and share as if you have been given the greatest gift and privilege of your life! YOU HAVE. 

Many aren’t as lucky and can’t travel or leave the country they live in. I was sharing a post last week on my own social media, all about our current pause in travels due to lockdowns and how I looked forward to sharing many new adventures with all very soon. I said in the meantime enjoy our blog posts that may offer some inspiration, to which I got a reply from a fellow travel follower friend and he said thank you for all you share with us. We can’t travel, but you make us feel part of your experience and for that we are grateful. You inspire us!! My heart exploded with love and I thanked him for making my day. I expressed appreciation for the support he offers me and explained that the reason I became a travel blogger was for the very thing he said I offered him and he experienced. I want you all to feel like you travel with me and are part of the experiences. After nearly 5 years blogging I got my reward right there and then, if I could I would have hugged him to bits. 

Let’s all look forward with love in our travelling hearts and go back into the world with a willingness to learn more and be better humans. We have this wonderful planet waiting to be rediscovered, let’s do it justice! 

Deep breaths, huge virtual hugs and heaps of kisses, Sam X 

My hopes for the future of travel 2