Marrakech & Riad Tizwa Offer


Marrakech. Here are a few good reasons to go.

  • Marrakech has over 300 days of sunshine a year, that’s approximately 3146 hours of sunlight. Perfect for that dose of winter sun.
  • The flight time is only 3 hours 20 minutes Manchester to Marrakech and 3 hours 30 minutes from London. Making it perfect for a weekend break.
  • You can get cheap flights with Easyjet and Ryanair, from as little as £35 one way.
  • The people are very welcoming and friendly, don’t be surprised if you get an offer of some mint tea whilst out and about.
  • Riads (traditional Moroccan houses) are central and near the Medina, offering affordable rates.

Book Riad Tizwa, mention SOSTRAVELUK  to be eligible for a special offer.

Riad tizwa  img_5704

Riad tizwa  Riad tizwa


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2 thoughts on “Marrakech & Riad Tizwa Offer

  1. Omar

    Your perspective is interesting, although I haven’t published it yet, I’ve written a post about my experience in Marakech, and its more a reason not to go!

    I can’t argue with your first three points, however, I do disagree with the second to last! Although the people that run the Riads are very hospitable, I found the general public to be rather suspect!

    The first three points, although true, I feel can be applied to other destinations for a better overall experience!

    1. SOS Travel Post author

      Thanks for reading the post. I look forward to reading your piece on Marrakech, it’s all about personal opinion. I ve been eight times and I can’t think of any negatives, other than trying to clear the immigration queue lol!

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