Kenya Hints & Tips

*For all information on travel to Kenya, the best website to use is this one

*Inoculations- The recommended vaccines are Polio, Diphtheria, Hepatitis A and B, Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Tetanus, Rabies and Malaria protection.Your Doctor can give you most of these injections, bar the Yellow Fever and Rabies which you can get at large Boots stores privately at a cost or MASTA Travel Clinics in your area.

* Malaria Tablets came be an expensive necessity when travelling to Africa. My advice is to head straight for your nearest Asda (if you are based in the UK) where you can buy Malarone tablets for £1.25 a tablet, to which I had no bad side effects. From the assessment questionnaire to the receiving of the tablets I found Asda’ service to be of a high standard.

*Kenyan Visa’ can be pre bought before you travel to Kenya, although you can buy them on arrival and in my opinion this is your best option. The visa form is not the easiest to fill out and takes up time, then you send it off by email and await reply. Whereas when I arrived the queue for instant visas was small and quick, I was left waiting in the pre bought queue! The fee is 50 US Dollars per person or 10 for a transit visa.

*Safari booking, I pre booked by safari and stay in a safari lodge online before my trip through ARP Travel Group Africa. You can negotiate a price with them and they use Pollmans as the safari company. I researched lots of different options and companies as they can be very pricey dependent on which option you choose. You can contact your hotel before you arrive and ask what they would charge, as I did and they emailed a list of prices. I paid £280 for a two day safari to Tsavo National Park and a stay at Saltlick Game Lodge, it was well worth it. The lodge is on stilts and I had a lovely stay there, definitely recommended.

Salt lick Lodge

*Monkeys, In most hotels around Kenya both at the beach and on safari there are always monkeys. You need to be careful you don’t leave your balcony door open as the monkeys will be in and that you don’t leave food around that you want to eat, as it will be gone! When walking around hotel grounds watch not to carry food or snacks as they have to urge to take it from you and you don’t want a nasty scratch or bite. Monkeys carry rabies, it may be wise to pre inoculate yourself with a rabies injection.  Please note the difference between a small monkey and a much larger baboon that may be roaming the grounds of your hotel.

Monkey  img_6378

*Gifts- When I travelled to Kenya I made room in my luggage for sweets such as lollipops and polo mints, pens, pencils and mini notepads for the African children whilst I was touring, as on safari you pass many a village or you may visit a Masai camp. They aren’t as fortunate as we are and if you can put a smile on their face with a lollipop or a pen then do so. I bought the items at the pound shop and b&m, you dont have to spend a lot. The pens, notepads and pencils can be given to the local schools.

Keep safe and enjoy your travels!

SOS Travel x

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  1. SOS Travel Post author

    I be travelled to Kenya a number of times and I am well aware what the children need, with their hard lives a little bit of sugar from a sweet isn’t going to do any harm, only put a smile on their faces.

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