Guest Blog- Sorrento, A perfect Italian base

Guest Blog- Sorrento, A perfect Italian base 15

The coastal Italian town of Sorrento enjoys the well deserved reputation of being a classic Italian escape packed with beautiful sights, good food and friendly locals. As a result it is a popular holiday destination for all types of visitors. A setting of beautiful and dramatic scenery with a full and relaxed vibrancy unique to anywhere I have visited before. Perhaps a little different from your typical coastal sunshine holiday, the lack of sandy beaches is more than made up for in the stunning clifftop views across the sea, overlooking islands such as Capri, Ischia and the ever dominating Mount Vesuvius across the bay. Walking through Sorrento, you will find an abundance of lemon trees picturesquely lining the streets accompanied by limoncello makers, for which the region is famed. Make sure to sample this local aperitif and taste authentic Italian ice cream, gelato.

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Of course true to Italy there are many beautiful churches and cathedrals to visit as per Italian custom, be sure to wear appropriate clothing that covers your shoulders and knees, if you want to venture inside. If you are offered a free walking tour of Sorrento upon your arrival, I would strongly recommend this, as it gives you insight into the history that you might not otherwise have known. It highlights the best places to eat and drink, you may even be treated to a free sample of limoncello if you visit one of the local manufacturers. What I loved most is that aside from being an absolutely gorgeous destination, it is also the perfect Italian base, allowing you to visit the many well known and acclaimed surrounding areas. For explorers using Sorrento as a base, you can head out to nearby Naples by train, these are very reasonably priced but be mindful of your belongings, especially at popular tourist destinations. There are the historical sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum to explore, lesser known Herculaneum is much smaller than it’s more famous cousin, but amazingly well preserved. Pompeii itself is absolutely huge and awe inspiring. A handy tip, make sure to bring plenty of water and sun screen in the hotter months.

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From Sorrento, you can also take tour up to the summit of Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that decimated Herculaneum and Pompeii. From here you will see breathtaking views of the Bay of Naples. Be prepared to hike a little to the top though, as the 4×4 buses only go so far and the rest is on foot! If ancient towns and climbing volcanoes isn’t your thing and you are looking for something more relaxing, take a boat trip from the harbour to the island of Ischia or to the fantastically resplendent island of Capri which will captivate both lovers of designer shopping and admirers of beautiful landscapes and scenery. Perfect for the budding photographers out there!

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If you’re likely to weep at price tags with more than three zeroes but still want a sense of Italian luxury, you could take a tour of the stunning Amalfi Coast. Tours run from Sorrento city centre regularly to Positano, Amalfi and Ravello, all of which are absolutely beautiful in their own way. Positano is decorated with a beautiful assortment of bright flowers that will lead you through the town to the pristine beach, so why not enjoy a café al freddo in the coastal café before moving upwards to visit the cathedral!

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From there you can venture onwards to Amalfi and visit the prominent cathedral or take a tour by boat around the coast.

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You will notice once in Sorrento how accessible it is, buses and trains run regularly and there are plenty of boat tours that can take you to the nearby islands, the coast or for a relaxing day out. There are ferries that run to the islands around the Naples area, but for the Island of Capri and Anacapri I would recommend a private tour in a smaller boat as they offer the best views of the island. If you are lucky, they might even take you into the naturally formed caves in the cliff faces and give you time to swim in the crystal clear waters. Sorrento is one my absolute favourite places to visit because it has something to offer to all types of travellers, people who enjoy good food, local wine and wish to have a a relaxing trip, or those who enjoy exploring and love packing their trips with plenty of activities.

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