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They say each day you should do something that scares you. If you know me, you will know I am not a dare devil. However recently I have surprised myself! I have had the absolute pleasure of participating in not one but two new Go Ape experiences.

Firstly at Matfen, which is situated in the North East countryside of Northumberland. Where I went two weeks ago and conquered both my fears and Go Ape, an amazing zip lining experience called the ‘Tree Top Adventure’ that trails the beautiful Matfen Hall Estate. I won’t lie to you, inside I was having a mini panic but I knew I had the inner strength to prove to myself I could do this! I rose to the challenge, even my hubby and the instructor were surprised I finished the course at Go Ape. When you set your mind to anything you can achieve it.

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Go Ape Experience with @SOSTravelUK 52   Go Ape Experience with @SOSTravelUK 53

Go Ape is a brilliant set up and has a wonderful team of staff at Matfen, you are fully briefed on arrival and taken through a sample excercise to get you ready for what is ahead. Harnessed up and safety advice signed I was ready to Go Ape in my Tree Top Adventure. I started off quite gingerly, but as my confidence rose and grew I felt amazing and my favourite part of all of it was the zip lines. I could do that all day, everyday, forget Tarzan its Sam who is ‘Queen of the swingers’.

Go Ape Experience with @SOSTravelUK 54

As my hubby and I made our way to each new zone, they are all numbered and you get a code to click yourselves into each one. I relished this challenge and Adam was in his element. There were staff near you if you needed anything, they were all so lovely and reassuring too.

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As we completed our Go Ape challenge and Tree Top Adventure, I was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day. Certificates collected, we made our way home. All I could think was what could I do next…

Go Ape Experience with @SOSTravelUK 61



On Tuesday this week I drove to the Lake District with Adam to visit Whinlatter Forest and Go Ape there. We took part in the ‘Forest Segway’ experience. When we arrived we were very kindly treated to lunch at Siskins Cafe on the site, by the lovely Denise. The Leek and Mushroom Soup with a Tuna salad sandwich was delicious, highly recommend a visit before or after your activities.

Go Ape Experience with @SOSTravelUK 62 Go Ape Experience with @SOSTravelUK 63

Go Ape Experience with @SOSTravelUK 64 Go Ape Experience with @SOSTravelUK 65

The Whinlatter Forest is England’s only mountain Forest and was first planted after the First World War, it offers the best mountain biking experiences, walks and to top it off the fabulous views of Lake District. When we arrived it was raining heavily and quite grim, typical British weather! However by 2.30 pm it had stopped and blue skies came over, perfect. After signing our safety advice form and chatting to the lovely staff, we went down to the Forest Segway experience starting point and met Meg, our guide and instructor. She was so nice and very patient, we were given some rules to begin with to abide by for our own safety. Then she got us one by one to step on the Segway and get our natural balance and hold it. After this we went to the small training area and did a few laps of the course on the Segway, to get comfy with it before our tour began.

Go Ape Experience with @SOSTravelUK 66

Go Ape Experience with @SOSTravelUK 67 Go Ape Experience with @SOSTravelUK 68

Our Forest Segway lasted an hour and we took in a lot of the Whinlatter Forest. Stopping to admire the views of the Lake District. Meg was great and I felt very confident after a nervy start. It was such fun and my second challenge, again Adam was unsure I would do it and I proved him wrong with a giant smile on my face! As we segwayed back to the training area, we were awarded our Segway ‘licence’ certificate and I thanked Meg for a wonderful experience.

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Leaving Go Ape at Whinlatter I felt happy in my new challenge accomplishments and I am now thinking of pushing myself further. Not only is Go Ape a friendly and welcoming experience, it offers you the chance to push yourself and have fun too!! I cannot recommend Go Ape at Matfen and Go Ape Whinlatter enough for everyone, from the beginner to the adventurous amongst us. All will love it and surprise themselves. It is also perfect for team building exercises and fun days with friends too. Give Go Ape a ‘GO’ for yourselves!

Go Ape Experience with @SOSTravelUK 75


For more information on Go Ape please click here


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*Thanks to Go Ape Matfen and Go Ape Whinlatter for gifting me both of these experiences. This blog is my own thoughts and honest opinions of both activities.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Well done! Ziplining scares me a bit too. Gotta dive in to my fear of heights. My wife did zip linking in Costa Rica. Loved it. Keep slaying those fears buddy, and thanks for sharing!


  2. Zayan

    hello I hope you are well, I want to say congratulations for your site, it’s beautiful we met a man in a cafe and we gave your site to visit Morocco, and we really loved your photos with my family and we discovered a lot of things about Morocco thanks to your site thank you very much and I wish you all the success with your site

    1. SOS Travel Post author

      Thankyou for the kind words and for sending these comments to us! I’m so glad you enjoyed Morocco and that the travel blog has helped you explore.

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