“Comino with Me”- Blue Lagoon

Comino is an island situated in the Mediterranean Sea between Malta and Gozo. Known as Kemmuna in Maltese and previously called Ephaestia. It has a population of 4 people, no cars and one small hotel. The island is a nature reserve and a bird sanctuary, that back in the 16/17 th Centuries was used to imprison and exile knights who had done wrong and committed crimes. Comino is ‘famous’ for being featured in several movies, Troy, Madonna’s Swept Away, The Count of Monte Cristo and a mini series of Helen of Troy to name a few. My main reason for wanting to visit was to witness the Blue Lagoon, as I had heard so much about it and I wanted see it for myself!

"Comino with Me"- Blue Lagoon 35

"Comino with Me"- Blue Lagoon 36 "Comino with Me"- Blue Lagoon 37

On our first full day we were up with the lark and setting sail over to Comino by 8.30 am, after buying two tickets on Mgarr Harbour which cost 10 euros each for a return. There is no need to pre book as there are plenty boats on offer and it was very easy to locate. In just 15 minutes we had arrived on our small boat, into the area of the Blue Lagoon with its crystal clear waters gleaming at us. As we stepped off we were one of the first to decamp onto the island and thought we would have a wander around to explore. Taking a walk along the side of the island, quickly realising the heat was searing into us we took some pictures and videos and went to find a spot to relax and admire the views. There are two choices, you can take towels, shades and picnics with you and pitch up on the rocks or rent some deckchairs on the front of the blue lagoon for 10 euros each, which we did with a parasol costing a hefty 30 euros!! Adam has a tendency to burn badly so this was our only option, as hand luggage only meant no room for any extras. My first thoughts were to go swimming in these stunning turquoise waters, it was fabulous and I looked around gratefully appreciating the view in front of me. My mind was cast back to last year in Zanzibar, the similarity to my surroundings was evident, I was in a piece of paradise! The only thing missing was a cocktail in my hand, Adam ever the mind reader and good egg appeared with a giant pineapple for me filled with Pina Colada (10 euros each & 5 for a refill) that tasted delicious. Mission complete, we spent the next few hours blissfully relaxing and unwinding. We took the opportunity to chat to other travellers sitting near us, one family lived in Norway and the other Denmark, both originated from Vietnam. Travel connects everyone!

"Comino with Me"- Blue Lagoon 38 "Comino with Me"- Blue Lagoon 39

"Comino with Me"- Blue Lagoon 40 "Comino with Me"- Blue Lagoon 41

"Comino with Me"- Blue Lagoon 42 "Comino with Me"- Blue Lagoon 43

There are quite a few kiosks that provide, food, ice creams, drinks and cocktails. However you can bring your own if you wish too. My main tips would be to arrive quite early and enjoy Comino at its best, with a few people on it. Watch out for stray jellyfish around, I saw a few whilst swimming. Maybe wear some sea shoes if you have a pair. There is also a chance to come over to island between 5 pm and 9 pm to experience it after the crowds have dispersed for the day, I only seen this information on our departure else I may have tried that for myself and it would be a great place for a perfect sunset shot.

"Comino with Me"- Blue Lagoon 44 "Comino with Me"- Blue Lagoon 45

"Comino with Me"- Blue Lagoon 46 "Comino with Me"- Blue Lagoon 47

At 2 pm we decided to take the boat back over, as the island was filling up majorly with boat trips, you are given a list of times when you buy your ticket so just make sure you get in line quick, as there are always queues to leave Comino. Back on dry land in Gozo we headed for a Maltese Ftira and Pastizzi from the local food truck on the hill. It had been a great experience on Comino at the Blue Lagoon and it is most definitely a ‘must see’ whilst in Malta.

"Comino with Me"- Blue Lagoon 48 "Comino with Me"- Blue Lagoon 49

On our last day we returned to Comino and this little spot of paradise in the morning to enjoy some r and r, before the hoards joined us by lunchtime and we took a boat back home to Gozo. I would certainly say don’t miss out and sample this gorgeous part of Malta for yourself and don’t just take my word for it.

"Comino with Me"- Blue Lagoon 50 "Comino with Me"- Blue Lagoon 51


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