Checking into the 1903 Lounge @ Manchester T3

In the early hours of Sunday morning at the start of this month Adam and I took to the motorway bound for Manchester Airport, like the back of our hand we know this route well! Our go to airport for our Moroccan travels and excited to return to our second home of Marrakech. Taking the SOS Jimny on it’s first airport outing, arriving at the Mid Stay parking there was a real chill in the air but with the lure of some winter sunshine in the Red City we parked up and headed into our terminal, T3. 

We were thrilled to be invited to review the 1903 Lounge, as you know we love nothing more than an airport lounge before we travel to relax and unwind before a flight. So we were super excited to check in and experience this lounge for the very first time!! After completing security and having the complimentary fast track option included in our lounge admission it didn’t take long at all. With good signage we found the 1903 Lounge easily, we were greeted warmly by the staff, signed in and shown where everything was located. We picked a table in the corner which was modern yet comfy, our surroundings were very pleasing on the eye. A kind offer of cooked breakfast items made to order was mentioned to us by the staff and I ordered some scrambled eggs. I could certainly get used to this I thought… As airports are super stressful and this is a tranquil space of pure relaxation. I wandered around the lounge picking up some complimentary magazines to read, made myself a mimosa at the self serve bar that was unbelievably well stocked with all the premium branded drinks you could wish for. I made a plate up of fruit, a granola bowl and pastries to return to our table with. One highlight of the lounge was the quotes dotted around, as a quote lover it was refreshing to see and offered travel inspiration to all whilst enjoying their stay here. Adam opted for a gin and tonic as his pre flight nerves had kicked in and he was quietly checking the weather on route to Morocco on his phone, hence why the peace and quiet of a lounge is perfectly suited to him too. We both settled on the sofa, with free wifi on offer and our phones plugged into the portable charging points in front of us and my eggs arrived perfectly on cue. Cheers to the next adventure! 

We spent the next two hours, the time included in your stay at the 1903 Lounge, enjoying the luxurious lounge and the delicious food and drinks on offer to us. Which is a wide variety and it is all beautifully set out making you want to eat more and more. I enjoyed a few Mimosa’s before boarding and took time to do some blogging as well as catching up with my social media, before our imminent departure to North Africa. The lounge was occupied by a few couples and some businessmen but it wasn’t too busy which was nice, I think it was due to be being early morning and it was very well maintained by the staff too. Our lounge experience was faultless and the staff were friendly, highly recommend if you are passing through Terminal 3 or are flying through the 1903 Lounge other locations. I would sum up by saying this brand of airport lounges are to a very high standard and offer the traveller all they need before their flight away from the hustle and bustle of the airport itself. I wouldn’t hesitate to check into a 1903 Lounge in the future and neither should you! Happy travels all. 

The 1903 Lounges are situated in Manchester Airport, in Terminals 1 and 3. They are adult only lounges, for 16 years and over to enjoy. The name of the lounge is down to the famous American Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur who were incredible inventors and aviation pioneers. They invented, built and flew the world’s first successful plane. On the 17th of November 1903 they made the first controlled and sustained flight of a powered aircraft. The location was Kitty Hawk in North Carolina, Orville was the pilot and it stayed in the air for 12 seconds covering 120 feet on it’s first flight! Funnily enough I took this flight last week in a VR experience with British Airways, it was absolutely brilliant and a complete coincidence too. The food cooked in the lounges are all prepared by in house chefs, using the best ingredients on offer and with the extra benefit of some made to order food at no extra charge to you. The cost of the 1903 Lounge is £35 pp for a two hour stay and they are open from 4.15 am till 8.30 pm daily, bar a Saturday which is an 8 pm close. Smart casual dress code is in operation. 

This experience was gifted to us by 1903 Lounge, however our opinions are our own.