A Morning stroll around Jardin Majorelle

I have always wanted to visit Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, mainly due to the connection with Yves Saint Laurent. This was the trip to explore the beauty of the gardens, located on Rue Yves Saint Laurent. Jardin Majorelle is named after its creator and first owner artist Jacques Majorelle, with an assortment of exotic plants, water features & a museum of Berber culture. Its location is in an upmarket, quiet suburb, entry is 70 Dhs for the Garden, around £5.50 and 30 Dhs for the Berber Museum.


Entering the gardens I was struck by the bright colours, especially the prominent blue. Aptly named Majorelle Blue this sets the tone of these wonderful gardens, you can actually purchase a pot of this paint in the gift shop. Jardin Majorelle is two and a half acres in size, the array of cacti, exotic plants and trees are each showcased to emphasis their own individual beauty. Along with the pools full of water lilies, streams and fountains, creating a feeling a calm and tranquility, there are many species of birds who have found a home here. These include blackbirds, robins and turtledoves to name a few.

Ysl gardens

YSL gardens  Ysl gardens

My favourite part of the gardens is the Yves Saint Laurent Memorial. He was a prominent figure in making these gardens what they are today, as he and Pierre Berge discovered them in 1966 after Jacques Majorelle passed on and they were open to the public albeit empty. They heard that the gardens were to be replaced by a hotel, after doing everything they could to stop the project, they bought the gardens & the villa. Their aim was to bring life back to the place through the years, this they did.

YSL memorial

This place is a photographers dream, capturing the real charm and striking features within. You can explore in pure silence and drink in the peacefulness of the surroundings. Making Jardin  Majorelle a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the City. You can easily while away a couple of hours, taking in the gift shop, cafe and Berber Museum too.

YSL gardens  jardin majorelle

Learning about the Berber culture and their heritage, the exhibition is split into three sections that include “Transforming raw materials into artefacts for daily or ceremonial use. Sets of jewels that illustrate age old beliefs and knowledge. Costumes, weapons and decorated doors, that show the beauty of Berber art across rural Morocco”, showing the real creativity and diversity of this culture. The museum is housed in the painting studio designed for Jaques Majorelle in 1931, it presents Pierre Berge and Yves Saint Laurent personal collection to the public.

YSL art gallery

Jardín Majorelle is one of the most visited sites in Morocco, now I know why. These gardens are the result of Jaques Majorelle vision, passion and 40 years of dedication in “creating this enchanting garden in the heart of the Ochre City” and Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Berge nurturing and regeneration skills. Must visit for all!


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